Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> "**" is adjusted to only be effective when surrounded by slashes, in
> 40bbee0 (wildmatch: adjust "**" behavior - 2012-10-15). Except that
> the commit did it wrong:
> 1. when it checks for "the preceding slash unless ** is at the
>    beginning", it compares to wrong pointer. It should have compared
>    to the beginning of the pattern, not the text.

So should

        git ls-files '**/Makefile'

list the Makefile at the top-level of the repository (I think it

But that does not seem to be working.

I think the callpath goes like this:

  -> match_one()
    -> fnmatch_icase()
      -> fnmatch()
       -> wildmatch()

and the problem is that the fnmatch_icase() call made by match_one()
always passes 0 as the value for flags.  Without WM_PATHNAME,
however, the underlying dowild() does not honor the "**/" magic.

We obviously do not want to set FNM_PATHNAME when we are not
substituting fnmatch() with wildmatch(), but I wonder if it may make
sense to unconditionally use WM_PATHNAME semantics when we build the
system with USE_WILDMATCH and calling wildmatch() in this codepath.
Users can always use "*/**/*" in place of "*" in their patterns
where they want to ignore directory boundaries.

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