Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> We obviously do not want to set FNM_PATHNAME when we are not
> substituting fnmatch() with wildmatch(), but I wonder if it may make
> sense to unconditionally use WM_PATHNAME semantics when we build the
> system with USE_WILDMATCH and calling wildmatch() in this codepath.
> Users can always use "*/**/*" in place of "*" in their patterns
> where they want to ignore directory boundaries.

Another possibility, which _might_ make more practical sense, is to
update dowild() so that any pattern that has (^|/)**(/|$) in it
implicitly turns the WM_PATHNAME flag on.  There is no reason for
the user to feed it a double-asterisk unless it is an attempt to
defeat some directory boundaries, so we already know that the user
expects WM_PATHNAME behaviour at that point.  Otherwise, the user
would have simply said '*' instead, wouldn't he?

I said "_might_" because it sounds a bit too magical to my taste.
I dunno.

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