"Lang, David" <david.l...@uhn.ca> writes:

> Thanks Matt and Dave and everyone else for your feedback on this.

[administrivia: please wrap your lines to reasonable length]

> 1. Download and install git for Windows on the 2 networked developer's
> PC's and the 1 networked server.
> 2. On the server...
>       A) Initialize the Visual Studio folder for a particular
> project as a git repository using 'git init'
>       b) Using the git rep just created (above), create a bare
> repository on the server to act as the remote/master repository using
> git clone --bare'


        C) remove the original directory (A)

        D) make a non-bare clone on the server with "git clone", if
           you would like to have a single build environment on the
           server box.

        E) Use "git pull" from the bare repository you created in
           step (2.B) to update the repository you created in step
           (2.D) as necessary in order to build the latest in this

> 3. On each of the PC's...
>       A) Clone the remote repository from the network server using
> git clone' (this will automatically create 'origin' as a remote source
> on the PC's)

        B) Each developer works in his repository; use either "git
           pull" or "git pull --rebase" to sync up with the tip of
           the master repository as necessary;

        C) When a developer's work reaches a point where it is good
           enough to update the master repository, use "git push" to
           update the bare repository you created on the server in
           step (2.B).  This may need to trigger step (2.E).

> Couple of questions...
> ...
> 4. The original Visual Studio project folder essentially remains
> untouched, correct? The 'git init' and 'git clone' commands just make
> copies and references of whatever data is in the VS project folder,
> right?

These operations make copies and after making copies they do not
ever refer to the original, so you can take a back-up of the
original and remove it (i.e. optional step (c)).
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