Jeff King <> writes:

> This is a repost from here:
> which got no response initially. Basically the issue is that read-only
> repos (e.g., a CI server) whose workflow is something like:
>   git fetch $some_branch &&
>   git checkout -f $some_branch &&
>   make test
> will never run git-gc, and will accumulate a bunch of small packs and
> loose objects, leading to poor performance.
> Patch 1 runs "gc --auto" on fetch, which I think is sane to do.
> Patch 2 optimizes our pack dir re-scanning for fetch-pack (which, unlike
> the rest of git, should expect to be missing lots of objects, since we
> are deciding what to fetch).
> I think 1 is a no-brainer. If your repo is packed, patch 2 matters less,
> but it still seems like a sensible optimization to me.
>   [1/2]: fetch: run gc --auto after fetching
>   [2/2]: fetch-pack: avoid repeatedly re-scanning pack directory
> -Peff

Both makes sense to me.

I also wonder if we would be helped by another "repack" mode that
coalesces small packs into a single one with minimum overhead, and
run that often from "gc --auto", so that we do not end up having to
have 50 packfiles.

When we have 2 or more small and young packs, we could:

 - iterate over idx files for these packs to enumerate the objects
   to be packed, replacing read_object_list_from_stdin() step;

 - always choose to copy the data we have in these existing packs,
   instead of doing a full prepare_pack(); and

 - use the order the objects appear in the original packs, bypassing

The procedure cannot be a straight byte-for-byte copy, because some
objects may appear in multiple packs, and extra copies of the same
object have to be excised from the result.  OFS_DELTA offsets need
to be adjusted for objects that appear later in the output and for
objects that were deltified against such an object that recorded its
base with OFS_DELTA format.

But other than such OFS_DELTA adjustments, it feels that such an
"only coalesce multiple packs into one" mode should be fairly quick.
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