I'm working on an hg remote helper that uses git notes for the sha1
revision, so that git users can more easily refer to specific commits
when communicating with hg users.  Since there may be multiple
concurrent fast-import streams, I write the notes to a private ref
(refs/notes/hg-REMOTE), to be merged eventually using

  git notes --ref hg merge hg-REMOTE*

There will never be conflicts because each hg commit translates to a
unique git commit, thus even if multiple concurrent remotes process the
same commit, the corresponding note will match.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a safe way to get this run after a fetch
or clone.  Of course I can ask the user to arrange to have this command
run, but it would be a better interface to have it run automatically
since it is a natural responsibility of the remote helper.  Am I missing
a way to do this or a viable alternative approach?
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