Hi Toralf,

Toralf Förster wrote:

> $> git clone git://boinc.berkeley.edu/boinc.git
> the following 2 commands shows both starting and ending revisions :
> $> gitk client_release_7.0.41..client_release_7.0.42

gitk is running something similar to

        git log --graph --decorate --boundary --oneline <revs>

In this example, that means 7.0.41 is shown with an open circle
because it is at the boundary of the requested commit set (it is not
in that set and one of its children is).

> however this command doesn't show the tag "client_release_7.0.44" :
> $> gitk client_release_7.0.44..client_release_7.0.45

As you guessed, 7.0.45 seems to live in a different area of history. :)
I don't know why it was built that way --- there may or may not be a
good reason.

"gitk --simplify-by-decoration client_release_7.0.44...client_release_7.0.45"
can help to compare the positions of the two tags in history.

Thanks for a fun example.
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