Toralf Förster wrote:
> On 01/29/2013 08:57 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> As you guessed, 7.0.45 seems to live in a different area of history. :)
> Well, seems be point to the root cause ..
> $> gitk  --simplify-by-decoration  
> client_release_7.0.44..client_release_7.0.45
> only 3 rows in the main window where 
> $> gitk client_release_7.0.44..client_release_7.0.45

Easiest to look at

  gitk --simplify-by-decoration client_release_7.0.44...client_release_7.0.45

(three dots --- search for "symmetric difference" in gitrevisions(7) for

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