wrote on Sun, 27 Jan 2013 22:45 -0800:
> * pw/git-p4-on-cygwin (2013-01-26) 21 commits
>  - git p4: introduce gitConfigBool
>  - git p4: avoid shell when calling git config
>  - git p4: avoid shell when invoking git config --get-all
>  - git p4: avoid shell when invoking git rev-list
>  - git p4: avoid shell when mapping users
>  - git p4: disable read-only attribute before deleting
>  - git p4 test: use test_chmod for cygwin
>  - git p4: cygwin p4 client does not mark read-only
>  - git p4 test: avoid wildcard * in windows
>  - git p4 test: use LineEnd unix in windows tests too
>  - git p4 test: newline handling
>  - git p4: scrub crlf for utf16 files on windows
>  - git p4: remove unreachable windows \r\n conversion code
>  - git p4 test: translate windows paths for cygwin
>  - git p4 test: start p4d inside its db dir
>  - git p4 test: use client_view in t9806
>  - git p4 test: avoid loop in client_view
>  - git p4 test: use client_view to build the initial client
>  - git p4: generate better error message for bad depot path
>  - git p4: remove unused imports
>  - git p4: temp branch name should use / even on windows
>  Improve "git p4" on Cygwin.  The cover letter said it is not yet
>  ready for full Windows support so I won't move this to 'next' until
>  told by the author (the area maintainer) otherwise.

The series is ready as is to support Cygwin platforms, and
thus useful to people who would use git on windows via cygwin.

Future work will be to add support for Msysgit.  That work
will need much of the changes in this Cygwin series as well.
It is more complicated since there's no native python for
Msysgit (yet).

I think the Cygwin changes should go in now.

                -- Pete
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