Pete Wyckoff <> writes:

> wrote on Sun, 27 Jan 2013 22:45 -0800:
>> * pw/git-p4-on-cygwin (2013-01-26) 21 commits
>>  ...
>>  Improve "git p4" on Cygwin.  The cover letter said it is not yet
>>  ready for full Windows support so I won't move this to 'next' until
>>  told by the author (the area maintainer) otherwise.
> The series is ready as is to support Cygwin platforms, and
> thus useful to people who would use git on windows via cygwin.
> Future work will be to add support for Msysgit.  That work
> will need much of the changes in this Cygwin series as well.

OK, so let's treat that as a completely separate topic that comes on
top after this series is done.

Thanks; will start merging down.
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