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On 30.01.2013, at 12:56, Sebastian Staudt wrote:

> Hello Max,
> git-scm.com is the best source and it's not outdated.

Then it seems you are using the word "outdated" in a different way than me 
which I don't understand :-). Sure, it strives to be up-to-date, but fact is 
that it fails to do that, due to a bug (I guess). The end result (failure to 
update at all, vs. failure in an attempted update) sadly amount to the same.

> It gets an
> update after every single release of Git.
> See e.g. http://git-scm.com/docs/git-config which was updated in the
> current stable version.
> It seems that git-remote-helper's documentation was just not updated
> since version

Yes, and it is not alone in that, which makes the site somewhat unreliable, 
sadly. Some more examples of pages tuck at version and showing 
outdated content:


I did not bother to check every single page, though, and I am pretty sure there 
are plenty more. Because there definitely is a plethora of other pages that are 
stuck at Several of them still show the latest version due to not 
having had updates since the, but that is not always easy to tell due 
to included files (e.g. git-log.txt was not changed v1.7.12.2, but it includes 
rev-list-options.txt which was last changed in 1.8.1).

So, yeah, I do think git-scm.com is outdated -- in the sense that for many 
pages, it does not show the latest officially released version of the page.

Best regards,
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