On 30.01.2013, at 16:59, Sitaram Chamarty wrote:

> I'm curious... what's wrong with 'git checkout html' from the git repo
> and just browsing them using a web browser?

Hm, do you mean "make html", perhaps? At least I couldn't figure out what "git 
checkout html" should do, but out of curiosity gave it a try and got an error...

But supposing that you meant "make html": There is nothing "wrong" with it. 
This is mostly a matter of convenience:

* Many people just use git and don't have the git.git repos (or any git 
sources) at hand.  And while for many things, older versions of the reference 
pages may suffice, this is not always the case.

* When I want to point somebody at something specific in the git docs while, 
say, while discussing on IRC or a mailing list, it is very convenient to point 
them at a website, like this:

* Similarly if I am standing physically next to somebody sitting at their 
computer and they ask me something about git, it is nice to be able to send 
them to a current version of the docs online

* I can access the web version from my tablet -- and I actually do that (use my 
tablet as "secondary screen" showing some git refs and other docs while coding 
on my laptop).

* a website can be update by one person (or ideally: one script) and serve many 
people with the same need Seems more efficient than each of those people 
setting up an appropriate clone & a cron job to keep it up-to-date on each 
machine where they need it.

But of course, the "make html" has its own clear advantages, e.g. I can use it 
online, I have full control over which exact version of the docs I get, 
including most recent changes, etc. To me, the two complement each other.

Anyway, I'll stop spamming the list, I got my answers from John and Junio:


and in addition 


Thanks again,
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