Hey folks,

When I checked for false positives in my spam this morning, I spotted
an interesting malformed img link at the top of a spam message.

> <http://git.{snip}.n2.nabble.com/file/{snip}/t3.jpg>
> Employ a medal tiffany bracelet  <{snip}> a is

So, apparently git-daemon's http features are being used by spammers.
In most cases, spam filters will correctly identify this junk.

I wonder if there is a better way...  In my mental sandbox, git-daemon
http could have a set of deny/allow rules for incoming connection
client types.

git: allow
git-http: allow
thunderbird: deny
outlook express: replace linked file with rickroll.jpg

and so on..  An out-of-the-box install probably should default to
allow all to keep backward compatibility.

While I'd love a chance to hack something out, I sadly doubt I'll ever
have the time for it.  Perhaps there is a student hacker looking for a


p.s. appologies to anyone who now has Astley's song stuck in their
head.  This was not intentional.
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