Hey folks,

On 31 January 2013 08:22, Erik Faye-Lund <kusmab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This isn't a running instance of git-daemon, it's a web front-end for
> the mailing list. It seems nabble allows image-attachments, and that's
> what you're seeing; an attached image to a spam-email that was sent to
> the git-mailing list through nabble.

oops.. yes, I see it now.  I should have spotted that earlier.  Sorry
about the list noise.

> The message contains HTML to display the image, and the git mailing
> list rejects HTML messages. So the only ones who should be able to get
> these spam-emails are users who subscribe through nabble. If you
> subscribe through vger instead
> (http://vger.kernel.org/vger-lists.html#git), you should get less
> spam.

I have never subscribed to anything via nabble.  ^Zcat blessings | wc -l

> Git-daemon doesn't have an http-feature. You are probably thinking
> about git-http-backend, but that's an CGI; the http-daemon invoking it
> should already be able to filter connections. So, I don't think
> there's anything that needs to be done to be able to block spammers
> from git-servers. Blocking spammers from nabble is a different manner,
> and is something you'll have to take up with the nabble staff.

Agreed.. and I won't waste my time with nabble.  I'll just set
procmeil to file new threads from nabble into a "penalty box" for now
and start a whitelist.  Perhaps I'll come up with something more
elegant/automated later.

So, I guess my "feature request" is "resolved".

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