On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 09:59:50PM +0000, John Keeping wrote:

> When looking up a topic via "git help <topic>", git-help prepends "git-"
> to topics that are the names of commands (either builtin or found on the
> path) and "git" (no hyphen) to any other topic name.
> "git-remote-helpers" is not the name of a command, so "git help
> remote-helpers" looks for "gitremote-helpers" and does not find it.
> Fix this by renaming "git-remote-helpers.txt" to
> "gitremote-helpers.txt".

Maybe it is just me, but the fact that accessing the manpage is now:

  man gitremote-helpers

feels weird to me. I know it technically follows our syntactic rules,
but having the lack of dash be significant between "git" and "remote",
but then having a dash later makes it hard on the eyes.

Would it make more sense to just call it "gitremotehelpers", and then
access it as:

  git help remotehelpers


  man gitremotehelpers


That has it its own ugliness (two words run together), but at least my
version of man will accept arbitrary capitalization, allowing:

  git help remoteHelpers


  man gitremoteHelpers

I dunno.

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