Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Jeff King wrote:
>> Maybe it is just me, but the fact that accessing the manpage is now:
>>   man gitremote-helpers
>> feels weird to me. I know it technically follows our syntactic rules,
>> but having the lack of dash be significant between "git" and "remote",
>> but then having a dash later makes it hard on the eyes.
> Yes.  I have thought for years that it should be git-remote-helpers,
> that "git help" should be tweaked to look for that, and that the
> existing gitrepository-layout and friends should be replaced with
> redirects.

Because of the "git help" look up rules, we cannot have two pages
that only differ at the dash (or absense of it) immediately after
'git'; e.g. one about the concept of 'frotz' in the context of Git,
i.e. "man gitfrotz", and the other about the subcommand to perform
'frotz', i.e. "man git-frotz".  The way to refer to these two pages
are both "git help frotz".

The simplest way forward may be to teach "git help" to try both
paths?  But some people configure "git help -w" to refer to remote
site, so it won't be access(path, F_OK).  Sigh...
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