Marc Khouzam <> writes:

> Recent enhancements to git-completion.bash provide
> intelligent path completion for git commands.  Such
> completions do not add the '/' at the end of directories
> for recent versions of bash.
> ...
> Here is the update for tcsh completion which is needed to handle
> the cool new path completion feature just pushed to 'next'.
> Also, Manlio reported that tcsh completion was broken when using
> the colon, and this patch fixes the issue.
> I haven't quite figured out the process to indicate which branch
> a patch is meant for.  Do I just mention it in the email?

Yes, instead of wondering "Do I mention it here?", saying "This
should come on top of Manlio's completion update." is good.

But I have to wonder if this is sweeping a problem under the rug.
Shouldn't the completion for bash users end completed directory name
with '/', even if we didn't have to worry about tcsh?

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