Manlio Perillo <> writes:

> The problem is that when using the "new"
> `compopt -o filenames` command, Bash assumes COMPREPLY contains a list
> of filenames, and when it detects a directory name, it adds a slash.
> The problem is, if the directory name *already* has a slash, Bash adds
> another slash!

So bash users do see the trailing slash because bash adds one to
what we compute and return, which we do strip the trailing slash
exactly because we know bash will add one.  Because tcsh completion
uses what we compute directly, without bash massaging our output to
add the trailing slash, it needs some magic.

OK, that makes sense.  It was this part from the originally proposed
log message:

>> ... Such completions do not add the '/' at the end of directories
>> for recent versions of bash.  However, the '/' is needed by tcsh,
>> ...

with a large gap between the two sentences that fooled me, and the
explanation in your message helped to fill the gap to understand the
situation better.


        ... for recent versions of bash, which will then add the
        trailing slash for paths that are directory to the result of
        our completion.  The completion for tcsh however uses the
        result of our completion directly, so it either needs to add
        the necessary slash itself, or needs to ask us to keep the
        trailiing slash.  This patch does the latter.

or something?

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