Tomas Carnecky <> writes:

> That's what `git checkout` is for. And I would even argue that it's the better
> choice in your situation because it would delete files from /var/www/foo which
> you have deleted in your repo. git archive|tar wouldn't do that.

The point about removal is an interesting one.  From that /var/www
location I guess that you are discussing some webapp, but if you let
it _write_ into it, you may also have to worry about how to handle
the case where an update from the source end that comes from the
checkout and an update by the webapp collide with each other.

You also need to maintain the .git/index file that corresponds to
what should be in /var/www/foo/ if you go that route.

Just to be sure, I am not saying "checkout" is an inappropriate
solution to whatever problem you are trying to solve. I am just
pointing out things you need to be aware of if you take that
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