Andrew Ardill <> writes:

> On 4 February 2013 23:14, Robert Clausecker <> wrote:
>> The specific workflow I am planning is this:
>> I have a server that hosts a bare git repository. This git repository
>> contains a branch production. Whenever somebody pushes to production a
>> hook automatically puts a copy of the current production branch
>> into /var/www/foo. I could of course use pull for that but it just does
>> not feels right. Why should I have a repository twice on the server?
> Maybe I'm missing something. How does the behaviour you need differ from
>> GIT_WORKING_DIR=/var/www/foo git checkout -f <tree-ish>
> ??

In addition to the fact that your misspellt environment variable
name will not cause it to write there, you will also be overwriting
the index for your working tree, which presumably you meant is a
location different from the /var/www/foo, with the contents of

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