Hi Michael,

Michael Haggerty wrote:

> I would again like to express my discomfort about this feature, which is
> already listed as "will merge to next".  Frankly, I have the feeling
> that this feature is being steamrolled in before a community consensus
> has been reached and indeed before many valid points raised by other
> members of the community have even been addressed.  For example:

In $dayjob I work with Gerrit, so I think I can start to answer some
of these questions.

> * I didn't see a response to Peff's convincing arguments that this
> should be a client-side feature rather than a server-side feature [1].

The client can't control the size of the ref advertisement.  That is
the main motivation if I understood correctly.

> * I didn't see an answer to Duy's question [2] about what is different
> between the proposed feature and gitnamespaces.

Namespaces are more complicated and don't sit well in existing setups
involving git repositories whose refs are not namespaced.

> * I didn't see a response to my worries that this feature could be
> abused [3].

Can you elaborate?  Do you mean that through social engineering an
attacker would convince the server admin to store secrets using a
hidden ref and enable the upload-archive service?

That does sound like a reasonable concern.  Perhaps the documentation
should be updated along these lines

                String(s) `upload-pack` and `receive-pack` use to decide
                which refs to omit from their initial advertisement.  Use
                more than one transfer.hiderefs configuration variables to
                specify multiple prefix strings. A ref that are under the
                hierarchies listed on the value of this variable is excluded,
                and is hidden from `git ls-remote`, `git fetch`, `git push :`,
                etc.  An attempt to update or delete a hidden ref by `git push`
                is rejected, and an attempt to fetch a hidden ref by `git fetch`
                will fail.
        This setting does not currently affect the `upload-archive` service.

until someone interested implements the same for upload-archive.

> I also think that the feature is poorly designed.  For example:

That's another reasonable concern.  It's very hard to get a design
correct right away, which is presumably part of the motivation of
getting this into the hands of interested users who can give feedback
on it.  What would potentially be worth blocking even that is concerns
about the wire protocol, since it is hard to take back mistakes there.

> * Why should a repository have exactly one setting for what refs should
> be hidden?  Wouldn't it make more sense to allow multiple "views" to be
> defined?:

How do I request a different view of the repository at
/path/to/repo.git over the network?  How can we make the common case
of only one view easy to achieve?  Isn't the multiple-views case
exactly what gitnamespaces is for?

> * Is it enough to support only reference exclusion (as opposed to
> exclusion and inclusion rules)?

The motivating example is turning off advertisement of the
refs/changes hierarchy.  If and when more complicated cases come up,
that would presumably be the time to support more complicated

> * Why should this feature only be available remotely?

It is about transport.  Ref namespaces have their own set of use cases
and are a distinct feature.

Hoping that clarifies,
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