Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> On 02/05/2013 09:33 AM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> Michael Haggerty wrote:
>>> I would again like to express my discomfort about this feature, which is
>>> already listed as "will merge to next".  Frankly, I have the feeling
>>> that this feature is being steamrolled in before a community consensus
>>> has been reached and indeed before many valid points raised by other
>>> members of the community have even been addressed.  For example:
>> In $dayjob I work with Gerrit, so I think I can start to answer some
>> of these questions.
>>> * I didn't see a response to Peff's convincing arguments that this
>>> should be a client-side feature rather than a server-side feature [1].
>> The client can't control the size of the ref advertisement.  That is
>> the main motivation if I understood correctly.
> Not according to Junio [4]:
>   Look at this as a mechanism for the repository owner to control the
>   clutter in what is shown to the intended audience of what s/he
>   publishes in the repository.  Network bandwidth reduction of
>   advertisement is a side effect of clutter reduction, and not
>   necessarily the primary goal.

See my response to Jonathan.

> Hiderefs creates a "dark" corner of a remote git repo that can hold
> arbitrary content that is impossible for anybody to discover but
> nevertheless possible for anybody to download (if they know the name of
> a hidden reference).

That is why allow-tip-sha1-in-want is a separate opt-in feature only
the server side controls.
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