On 02/07/2013 05:14 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

> This has been annoying me for a really long time, but I never really
> got around to scratching this particular itch.  I have a very common
> scenario where I fork a project on GitHub.  I have two configured
> remotes: origin which points to "git://upstream" and mine which points
> to "ssh://mine".  By default, I always want to pull `master` from
> origin and push to mine.  Unfortunately, there's only a
> branch.<name>.remote which specifies which remote to use for both
> pulling and pushing.  There's also a remote.<name>.pushurl, but I get
> the feeling that this exists for an entirely different reason: when I
> have a server with a highly-available read-only mirror of the
> repository at git://anongit.*, and a less-available committer-only
> mirror at ssh://*.
> How about a branch.<name>.remotepush that specifies a special remote
> for pushing, falling back to branch.<name>.remote?

Additionally, it would be nice to have branch.<name>.push or similar
to configure a default destination branch for push. Gerrit users usually
want to track refs/heads/master but push to refs/for/master for example.

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