Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>>         [remote "origin"]
>>                 url = ... where Ram fetches and pulls from ...
>>                 pushurl = ... where Ram pushes to ...
>>                 fetch = refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/*
>>                 updateTrackOnPush = no
>> Then "git fetch" (or "git pull") will update the remote tracking
>> branches Ram fetches from, and once his topic is finished, he can
>> push to his publishing location, which won't touch the remote
>> tracking branches used to keep track of the place he fetches from.
> A "push" should never touch remote/refs/origin/* if there is a pushurl
> configured.  Otherwise, it should.

That is a horrible design, no?

Because one of the main use case for pushurl is to use url = git://
for less overhead and pushurl = ssh+git:// for authentication but
otherwise going to the same place.  So if "git push" is allowed to
pretend you immediately turned around and fetched, push to that
pushurl will pretend it was followed by a fetch from the
corresponding url.

You need a way to tell if the pushurl/url pair is used for that
purpose to let Git know if that is the case.
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