On Thu, 07 Feb 2013 15:52:41 -0800 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote: 

>> +    @echo "=> Look for any entry in the default file set"
>> +    echo "" | ./git-credential-netrc -d -v get
>> +    @echo "=> Look for github.com in the default file set"
>> +    echo "host=google.com" | ./git-credential-netrc -d -v get
>> +    @echo "=> Look for a nonexistent machine in the default file set"
>> +    echo "host=korovamilkbar" | ./git-credential-netrc -d -v get

JCH> Whose netrc is this reading?

JCH> Don't we want all of them to have "-f A" and ship "A" (rename it to
JCH> something more reasonable), so that anybody can notice when he tries
JCH> to improve it and breaks it?

I agree this Makefile is not a good test to ship out.  It was my quickie
test rig that I should have reworked before adding to the patch.  Sorry.

I see contrib/subtree/t and contrib/mw-to-git/t that I could copy.  The
test will have a few files to parse, and will be able to compare the
expected to the actual output.  Does that sound like a good plan?

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