(Sorry for confusing: I should have written:)

Please see below for specifications on fputs()

fputc(), putc() and putchar() return the character written as an unsigned char 
cast to an int or EOF on error.
puts() and fputs() return a nonnegative number on success, or EOF on error.

Mac OS:
fputs() now returns a non-negative number (as opposed to 0) on successful 
completion. As a result, many tests (e.g., "fputs() == 0", "fputs() != 0") do 
not give the desired result.
Use "fputs() != EOF" or "fputs() == EOF" to determine success or failure.

Upon successful completion, fputs() shall return a non-negative number. 
Otherwise, it shall return EOF, set an error indicator for the stream, and set 
errno to indicate the error.

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