Ethan Reesor <> writes:

>> For those who _do_ want to give customized commands to their users,
>> they can already have "help" script to give a friendly message.  It
>> just felt silly to force sites to create the directory only to
>> refuse an access to the "custom commands" feature, especially when
>> the existence of that directory is a signal that the site may want
>> to give its users an acess to that feature.
> Again, would it not be more elegant and powerful to A) have the
> shell-disabled message/hook/etc specified by git-config on some level,
> be it /etc/gitconfig or ~/.gitconfig, and B) have Jonathan's patch
> whereby ~/git-shell-commands/help returning non-zero closes the
> connection?

Isn't that what I have essentially been saying?

For sites that do not want per-user customizable "other commands",
have a single site-wide hook instead of having to create otherwise
empty shell-commands directories for all users.  For users a site
wants to allow customized commands, have the directory and custom
"help" message.  I do not care too deeply if "help" exiting non-zero
caused the connection closed, but I care about not forcing a lot of
effort to customize messages to people who do *not* need
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