Brandon Casey wrote:

>                            We want to be able to support lines that do
> not have email addresses on the right-hand side like:
>    Bug: XXX
>    Change-Id: XXX

Good call.

By the way, regarding what the right "--signoff" behavior is for
commit, cherry-pick, am, and format-patch:

I think the best behavior would be to check if the last signed-off-by
line (ignoring acked-by, bug, change-id, and so on lines that follow
it) matches the one to be added, and if it doesn't, add a new
sign-off.  That way, the sign-off list still would accurately describe
the path of the patch, without silliness like

        Signed-off-by: me
        Reviewed-by: someone
        Signed-off-by: me

that you mentioned.

I agree that that's orthogonal to this series and just mostly
preserving behavior (as you already do) is the right thing to do.

Thanks for noticing the edge cases.

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