On 2/12/2013 11:36 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Brandon Casey <bca...@nvidia.com> writes:
>>>> +  return len > strlen(cherry_picked_prefix) + 1 &&
>>>> +          !prefixcmp(buf, cherry_picked_prefix) && buf[len - 1] == ')';
>>>> +}
>>> Does the first "is it longer than the prefix?" check matter?  If it
>>> is not, prefixcmp() would not match anyway, no?
>> Probably not in practice, but technically we should only be accessing
>> len characters in buf even though buf may be longer than len.  So the
>> check is just making sure the function doesn't access chars it's not
>> supposed to.
> Sorry, I do not follow.  Isn't caller's buf terminated with LF at buf[len],
> which would never match cherry_picked_prefix even if len is shorter
> than the prefix?

Heh, I almost pointed that out in my reply.  Yes, buf will be terminated
with LF at buf[len].  And yes, that means that we will never get a false
positive from prefixcmp even if the comparison overruns buf+len while
doing its comparison.  That's why the check doesn't matter in practice,
i.e. based on the way that is_cherry_picked_from_line is being called
right now and the content of cherry_picked_prefix.

But, hasn't is_cherry_picked_from_line entered into a contract with the
caller and said "I will not access more than len characters"?

It's ok with me if you think it reads better without the check.


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