SZEDER Gábor <> writes:

> ...
> So far so good.
> Save the updated commit message, and after the editor opens up the
> third commit's log message, check again where HEAD is pointing to now:
>   ~/tmp/reword (master +|REBASE-i 2/3)$ head -n1 .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG 
>   third
>   ~/tmp/reword (master +|REBASE-i 2/3)$ git log --oneline -1
>   c3db735 (HEAD) second - updated
> As you can see, HEAD still points to the (now rewritten) second
> commit.
> It's only HEAD,...


That would still be annoying to some people and outright buggy to
others, if their workflow relies on HEAD (e.g. compare with HEAD
while reviewing the log messsage) and then now they instead need to
adjust (e.g. compare with the index instead).  Perhaps you are one
of them (apparently I am not, as I did not notice the behaviour
change until you pointed it out here).

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