Phillip Wood <> writes:

> On 14/08/2019 22:20, SZEDER Gábor wrote:
> I changed the sequencer to always commit the cherry-pick and then run
> 'git commit --amend' for rewords [1]. Running
>       time env GIT_EDITOR=true GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR='sed -i
> s/pick/reword/' ../bin-wrappers/git rebase -i --root
> over 100 commits I cannot see any real difference in the timings
> between master and that branch. Any difference is within the variation
> of the times of multiple runs. The change also fixes a bug when
> rewording a re-arranged root commit.

I guess that settles the "efficiency" story; besides, showing a
wrong intermediate state to users and scripts efficiently is just as
bad as showing a wrong state less efficiently.

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