"brian m. carlson" <sand...@crustytoothpaste.net> writes:

> On 2019-09-07 at 17:26:53, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> * bc/object-id-part17 (2019-08-19) 26 commits
>>  - midx: switch to using the_hash_algo
>>  ...
>>  - builtin/replace: make hash size independent
>>  Preparation for SHA-256 upgrade continues.
>>  Looked mostly OK, with a possible update.
>>  cf. <20190820223606.gj365...@genre.crustytoothpaste.net>
> Just to update on the status of this, I wasn't planning on a reroll,
> although I'm happy to do so if folks have feedback.  Opinions for or
> against the current state are welcome.

FWIW, I am quite pleased with these and deeply appreciate the work
you've been doing on this topic.


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