Martin Erik Werner <> writes:

> On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 21:31 +0100, Simon vanaf Telefoon wrote:
>> Hi all, sorry for top posting :-( blame the phone and k9
>> I have a small issue with the use of test instead of [
>> If that only applies to this section of the entire file. 
>> Coding style has some value.
>> Combining nested ifs with && seems harmless enough, though should be
>> well tested.
>> Cheers
>> Simon 
> Ah, indeed, I looked around a bit more, and as per
> it seems like 'test' is bad to use 
> with multiple &&'s anyways.

I think you are misreading a suggestion that is somewhat misguided
(yes "[ <condition> && <another> ]" does not make sense, but that is
not applicable to "test <conditon> && test <another>"); ignore it.

It is fine to write "test <condition> && test <another>" and that
works portably to even pre-posix systems.

But the existing code the patch touches favors [] over test
consistently; that alone is a good reason to stick with [] in _this_
script, even though it is against Git's overall shell script style.
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