On 19/02/13 00:07, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> I think you are misreading a suggestion that is somewhat misguided
> (yes "[ <condition> && <another> ]" does not make sense, but that is
> not applicable to "test <conditon> && test <another>"); ignore it.
> It is fine to write "test <condition> && test <another>" and that
> works portably to even pre-posix systems.

(that's like doing "ls file && rm file" )

> But the existing code the patch touches favors [] over test
> consistently; that alone is a good reason to stick with [] in _this_
> script, even though it is against Git's overall shell script style.

I suppose it would be fine if a patch was sent to update the entire
git-prompt.sh code to be more in line with the Git shell script style...

My original gripe was just with doing it in one place while leaving all
the others unchanged. It makes for messy reading and leads to confusion.


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