Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

> The short undiplomatic version of that is that our mentors suck (I'm
> not pointing fingers, but that's what I infer from failing projects).

Hold on a second.  I'm not remembering such a grim outcome with 100%
failure from prior summers of code as you're describing.  Before I
start beating myself up, I guess I'd like a little more information
--- is there some specific project or statistic that you're thinking
of that brings you to that conclusion?

> I propose that we have one thread for every proposal where we can all
> discuss the implementation outline- this will serve as authoritative
> source of information for students, and for picking mentors (the
> people who contribute most to the discussion).  Students should be
> matched with mentors on an individual basis.

How is that different from what happened in previous summers where
students made proposals, received feedback, and were accepted and
matched to mentors or rejected based on how the discussion went?

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