Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>> The short undiplomatic version of that is that our mentors suck (I'm
>> not pointing fingers, but that's what I infer from failing projects).
> Hold on a second.  I'm not remembering such a grim outcome with 100%
> failure from prior summers of code as you're describing.  Before I
> start beating myself up, I guess I'd like a little more information
> --- is there some specific project or statistic that you're thinking
> of that brings you to that conclusion?

In retrospect, I might have been unnecessarily harsh there.

One of the main measures of a mentor's success, in my opinion, is
having his student stick around after the Summer of Code: the mentor
is the student's primary link to the community.  There have been 4~5
students every year, times 6 years (is that how long we've been
participating?).  How many of those students have felt part of the
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