"W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:

> I'm not 100% convinced about this, because the git-rebase.sh uses:
>   "$GIT_DIR/hooks/pre-rebase" ${1+"$@"}
> I haven't been able to find documentation for the ${1+"$@"} syntax.
> Is it in POSIX?  It's not in the Bash manual:
> In my local tests, it seems equivalent to "$@".

It's definitely in the bash manual and POSIX[1]: it's a special case of
the ${parameter+word} expansion.

      Use Alternate Value.  If parameter is null or unset, nothing is
      substituted, otherwise the expansion of word is substituted.


   ... bash tests for a parameter that is unset or null.  Omitting the
   colon results in a test only for a parameter that is unset.

IIRC this particular usage was designed to suppress warnings about unset

[1]  http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/xcu_chap02.html

Thomas Rast
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