"W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:

> Since $upstream_arg will always be set, would it make sense to change
> the `${1+"$@"}` syntax in run_pre_rebase_hook() to a plain "$@"?

I suspect that there no longer is a need for ${1+"$@"} in today's
world even when you do not have arguments, and it certainly is fine
if you want to update that particular instance in the function with
a single caller that calls it with 1 or 2 arguments, especially if
you are updating the code in the vicinity.

I however do not think it is worth blindly replacing them tree-wide
just for the sake of changing them.  The upside of helping beginning
shell programers by possibly better readability does not look great,
compared to the downside of possibly breaking somebody who is still
on a broken shell that the old idiom is still helping.

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