Denton Liu <> writes:

> There are many += lists in the Makefile and, over time, they have gotten
> slightly out of order, alphabetically. Alphabetically sort all += lists
> to bring them back in order.
> ...

Hmm.  I like the general thrust, but ...

>  LIB_OBJS += combine-diff.o
> -LIB_OBJS += commit.o
>  LIB_OBJS += commit-graph.o
>  LIB_OBJS += commit-reach.o
> +LIB_OBJS += commit.o

... I do not particularly see this change (there may be similar
ones) desirable.  I'd find it it be much more natural to sort
"commit-anything" after "commit", and that is true with or without
the common extension ".o" added to these entries.

In short, flipping these entries because '.' sorts later than '-' is
making the result look "less sorted", at least to me.


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