Jeff King <> writes:

>> ...
>> I agree with you that it did correctly sort them in ASCII order.
> What's the purpose of sorting them, though? I thought it was less for
> aesthetics and more to to keep lines deterministic (to avoid two
> branches adding the same line in different places, thus causing
> weirdness when the two are merged). In that case, I think we care less
> about the exact order and more that anybody can easily reproduce the
> same sort (by running "10:!sort" or whatever you weird emacs-types would
> type).

In the ideal world, "sort" would have a handy option we can tell it
to reshuffle the ASCII table in such a way that all punctuations
come before alphanumeric, making sure "/" and "." are the first two
letters in the alphabet, and everybody can use it to sort the lines
reproducibly and also readably.  But I do not know of such a widely
used implementation of "sort", so...

If we had known better, we would have used such a custom sort order
to sort the index entries, making sure that slash sorts before any
other byte ;-)

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