> Also, please leave the "autodetection" out.  If it is common to have
> strcasestr (or any other) on a newer QNX, then not defining the
> symbol NO_STRCASESTR in this file may still be the right thing to
> do, but the justification for such a change should not be because we
> rely on "autodetection".  The defaults given in config.mak.uname is
> primarily for people who do not use the optional ./configure script,
> so pick the default to help the most common configuration for the
> platform.

I see. I thought configure is the only legal way to build the git and
config.mak.uname is used to override settings produced by configure.
But it works vice versa configure settings override config.mak.uname
settings. Please do not commit this patch. This patch brokes QNX 6.3.2

> I'd rewrite the patch like the attached, and tentatively queue the
> patch to 'pu', but I do not use or have access to QNX myself, so you
> may have to adjust the default set of symbols and the log message
> and in such a case, please do re-submit a fixed version.

I will re-do the patch.

> Specifically, I do not know if "... and others are also supported"
> is universally true with QNX 6; if not, we need to define NO_* for
> them to help people who build without using the ./configure script.

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