Mike Gorchak <mike.gorchak....@gmail.com> writes:

>> Also, please leave the "autodetection" out.  If it is common to have
>> strcasestr (or any other) on a newer QNX, then not defining the
>> symbol NO_STRCASESTR in this file may still be the right thing to
>> do, but the justification for such a change should not be because we
>> rely on "autodetection".  The defaults given in config.mak.uname is
>> primarily for people who do not use the optional ./configure script,
>> so pick the default to help the most common configuration for the
>> platform.
> I see. I thought configure is the only legal way to build the git and
> config.mak.uname is used to override settings produced by configure.
> But it works vice versa configure settings override config.mak.uname
> settings. Please do not commit this patch. This patch brokes QNX 6.3.2
> build.
>> I'd rewrite the patch like the attached, and tentatively queue the
>> patch to 'pu', but I do not use or have access to QNX myself, so you
>> may have to adjust the default set of symbols and the log message
>> and in such a case, please do re-submit a fixed version.
> I will re-do the patch.
>> Specifically, I do not know if "... and others are also supported"
>> is universally true with QNX 6; if not, we need to define NO_* for
>> them to help people who build without using the ./configure script.
> Ok.

I saw Matt has comment on this patch, so I'll keep the patch out of
'next' for now and let you two figure it out.

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