I'm trying to investigate some what changes have been done between two versions 
of a software with the name IP.Board. 

This proves more troublesome than I thought, since their release builder 
appearantly updates the version number automatically in all files. 

This causes a lot of files to have this as the only change: 

- * IP.Board v3.4.2
+ * IP.Board v3.4.3

Which is quite annoying to have to go through and therefor is responsible for 
more than 800 files being changed. 

Is there some sort of git command or command I can combine together with git 
show that will ignore files with only these changes? Something along the lines 
of ignoring files where the only change matches this change or ignore files 
that've only gotten 1 line removed and 1 line added? 

Best regards, Preben--
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