Den 1. mars 2013 kl. 14.33 skrev Michael J Gruber:

> First of all, there is
> git beat-with-stick
> that you should apply to those responsible for that mess ;)

Haha, yeah I should try that one ;-)

I wish they weren't included in their release, but what can you do... I'm sure 
they have their reason for including the updated version number. Maybe to 
ensure files have been updated or similar when doing support for their clients, 
I guess... Although for us it really is more a pain than gain that they update 
the version number in all their php files when we wish to review changes done 
in files we may have modified earlier or possibly investigate bugs that may 
suddenly crop up in newer versions.

> If you have to deal with that sort of situation then a textconv filter
> might get you as close as possible. Use "grep -v '^\* IP.Board v*'" as a
> textconv filter for those files, and those changes will disappear from
> the diff. (I do something like that for tracking my gitk config, which
> stores last window sizes.)

Thanks! I got a similar tips on stackoverflow:

But unfortunately that doesn't work for --stat it seems, but I've written a 
small "sketchy" shell-script to just ignore all lines with 2+- in them...

Best regards, Preben--
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