Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> +/*
>> + * NEEDSWORK: manually building a diff here is not the Right
>> + * Thing(tm).  log -L should be built into the diff pipeline.
> I am not sure about this design, and do not necessarily agree that
> wedging this to the diff pipeline is the right future direction.
> I have a feeling that "log -L" should actually be built around
> "blame".  You let blame to hit the first parent to take the blame,
> and then turn around to show a single "diff-tree" between the child
> and the parent with whatever other diff pipeline gizmo the user can
> give you from the command line.  The blame also tells you what the
> "interesting" line range were at the first parent commit you found,
> so you can re-run the same thing with an updated range.

Hrm, now that you mention it, this is actually a brilliant idea.

Thomas Rast
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