Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Overall, I like this better than the "log --follow" hack; as the
> revision traversal is done without any pathspec when being "careful
> and slow" (aka -M), you do not suffer from the "just use a singleton
> pathspec globally regardless of what other history paths are being
> traversed" limitation of "log --follow".
> The patch series certainly is interesting.

Having said that, I notice that "careful and slow" is just "too slow
to be usable" even on a small tree like ours.  Try running

    $ git log -M -L:get_name:builtin/describe.c

and see how long you have to wait until you hit the first line of

If some of the many NEEDSWORK in the code were fixed, this may
become "very slow but tolerable", but in the current shape, I doubt
it would be prudent to advance this to 'next' and further.
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