On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:28 AM, Kindjal <kind...@gmail.com> wrote:
> David Michael Barr <b <at> rr-dav.id.au> writes:
>> From a quick survey, it appears there are no more than 55 patches
>> squashed into the submitted patch.
>> As I have an interest in git-subtree for maintaining the out-of-tree
>> version of vcs-svn/ and a desire to improve my rebase-fu, I am tempted
>> to make some sense of the organic growth that happened on GitHub.
>> It doesn't appear that anyone else is willing to do this, so I doubt
>> there will be any duplication of effort.
> What is the status of the work on git-subtree described in this thread?
> It looks like it's stalled.

I hadn't been aware of that patch. Reading the thread David Michael
Barr was going to try picking the patch apart into sensible chunks.

My own patches, some of which I've submitted to the list, appear to be
tackling a couple of the same things (e.g. storing subtree metadata in
an ini file). Mine can be found here
(https://github.com/kemitix/git/commits/subtree-usability), including
some I've not submitted yet.

If this work is still needing done I'd like to volunteer.

Paul [W] Campbell
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