On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 5:43 PM, Paul Campbell <pcampb...@kemitix.net> wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 11:21 AM, David Michael Barr <b...@rr-dav.id.au> wrote:
>> On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 9:05 AM, Paul Campbell <pcampb...@kemitix.net> wrote:
>>> On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 2:28 AM, Kindjal <kind...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> David Michael Barr <b <at> rr-dav.id.au> writes:
>>>>> From a quick survey, it appears there are no more than 55 patches
>>>>> squashed into the submitted patch.
>>>>> As I have an interest in git-subtree for maintaining the out-of-tree
>>>>> version of vcs-svn/ and a desire to improve my rebase-fu, I am tempted
>>>>> to make some sense of the organic growth that happened on GitHub.
>>>>> It doesn't appear that anyone else is willing to do this, so I doubt
>>>>> there will be any duplication of effort.
>>>> What is the status of the work on git-subtree described in this thread?
>>>> It looks like it's stalled.
>>> I hadn't been aware of that patch. Reading the thread David Michael
>>> Barr was going to try picking the patch apart into sensible chunks.
>> Sorry for not updating the thread. I did end up moving onto other things.
>> I quickly realised the reason for globbing all the patches together was
>> that the individual patches were not well contained.
>> That is single patches with multiple unrelated changes and multiple
>> patches changing the same things in different directions.
>> To me this means that the first step is to curate the history.
>>> If this work is still needing done I'd like to volunteer.
>> You're most welcome. Sorry again for abandoning the thread.
>> --
>> David Michael Barr
> Okay, I'll start picking the patch apart this week then feedback when
> I have a plan to tackle it all.
> --
> Paul [W] Campbell

>From a comparison of the tip for helmo's subtree-updates branch and
the current master these are the changes and features that the patch
is providing.  I've listed the changes briefly per file, with a note
of the general action I plan to take. This is based on a simple diff,
so some changes are actually reversions to recent commits, which I
have tried to note.


        * Regresses two recent commits (8165be064e and d86848228f)
        * ACTION: Ignore file


        * Adds a markdown readme file (that github likes to have in root)
        * Includes some install instructions in a pseudo man page format
        * The INSTALL file covers all the information contained and is more 
        * ACTION: Ignore file


        * OPTS_SPEC
                * pull/push: options for repository and refspec are both 
[<repository> [<refspec>]]
                * new sub-command: pull-all
                * new sub-command: push-all
                * new sub-command: list
                * new sub-command: from-submodule
                * new sub-command: prune
                * new sub-command: diff
                * new option for push: --force
        * Trailing slash on prefix is removed
        * Different pretty log format in cmd_commit getting piped to set some
environment variables
                * Would revert: a5b8e28e4e
                * Ignoring this change
        * Removes all tests in cmd_add to check that refspec is valid
                * I've posted a patch with new tests to the list recently that 
go in here
        * Change reference to 'commit' into 'refspec' in error message in 
        * Stores subtree metadata in .gittrees as:
                [subtree "$dir"]
                        url = $repository
                        path = $dir
                        branch = $refspec
        * Inadvertently commited a change to the linefeed character in
cmd_split for the activity indicator
        * cmd_pull/cmd_push: reads options from .gitrees if not provided on
the command line
        * Implementation of cmd_diff
                * fetches remote repo as a temporary git-remote then uses
git-diff-tree to compare before removing the temporary git-remote
        * Implementation of cmd_list as plain wrapper to new functions 
                * Iterates over subtrees listed in .gittrees and prints out 
their details
                * Dubious about greps used to get list from .gittrees
        * Implementation of cmd_from-submodule
                * Converts a git-submodule into a git-subtree
        * Implementation of cmd_prune
                * Removes entries from .gittrees where the $dir is missing
                * Dubious about greps used to get list from .gittrees
        * Implementation of cmd_pull-all
                * Performs a git-subtree pull for each subtree
                * Dubious about greps used to get list from .gittrees
        * Implementation of cmd_push-all
                * Perfroms a git-subtree push for each subtree
                * Dubious about greps used to get list from .gittrees


        * Adds brief descriptions for commands:
                * pull-all
                * push-all
                * list
                * from-submodule
                * prune
                * diff ("TO BE DOCUMENTED")
        * Notes optional -f|--force for push sub-command
        * fixes a typo in text for Example 1 (s/incldued/included/)


        * Add numeric comments for each test
                * recently removed (144797d720) in master so don't add them back
        * ACTION: Ignore file


        * Legacy tests
        * ACTION: Ignore file

My next step will be to find the commits (from helmo's
subtree-updates-merged branch) that provide the features above that I
want to keep and cherry-pick them into a new branch (or two).

Paul [W] Campbell
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