I've been using git for a while and this is the first time I've had to
use `git am` and I've got a 16 patch patchset that I'm looking to apply.
The files were copied to a separate maildir by mutt to keep things
clean, and then I ran `git am -i /path/to/maildir/` expecting things to
start from the patch with the subject 

    [PATCH 01/16] refactor common code in query_search/sync_search

But instead, it starts with the 16/16 patch and works backwards, which,
obviously, breaks the application process as the patches depend on each
other. I looked in the maildir directory just to see if the file names
were backwards, and that's not the issue. I talked to `gitster` on IRC
and he said to send in a bug report on this issue here. The patchset I'm
trying to apply can be found here[0]. 

Process to reproduce:
* find a multi-patch set with interdependent patches
* run `git am` on the maildir containing these patches

Expected result:
* Apply patches in [01..N] order

Actual result:
* Patches applied in [N N-1..01] order


Thank you,
William Giokas | KaiSforza
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