On Fri, Mar 01, 2013 at 03:57:39PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > The epoch_seconds are the time of writing into the maildir. They will
> > typically all be the same, unless your system is very slow, or you are
> > writing a really long patch series. The PID likewise should be the same
> > for a given series. It's the sequence number that is the interesting bit
> > to sort numerically (for mutt, anyway; ditto for dovecot).
> OK, so as long as the user tells mutt what order the messages need
> to be written in when choosing these 16 patches, tiebreaking with
> the sequence number would be sufficient.
> Is it easy to tell that to mutt, though, given that the patches
> arrive in random order, not in the order they were sent?

Yes. You can either write one at a time, or you can tag several and
write them with a single command. In the latter case, it writes them out
according to the currently displayed sort order. The usual threaded
display gets it right for delivered messages (it shows them in date
order within the thread), and you can use sort-by-subject to override it
if you are working with munged timestamps.

> I would imagine that you sort the messages in your inbox, select a
> group of messages and tell mutt to write them out to a (new) empty
> maildir, and at that point mutt writes them out in the order you used
> to sort them---is that how it is supposed to work?
> Or are you assuming that the user chooses 1/16, tells mutt to write it
> out, chooses 2/16, tells mut to write that out, iterating it 16 times
> to write out a 16-patch series?

Right. The latter probably already works (unless you are so fast that
you write out multiple messages in one second), but I would expect most
people would tag and then save all at once.

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