John Keeping <> writes:

> This reverts commit ba35480439d05b8f6cca50527072194fe3278bbb.
> CGit uses these symbols to output the correct HTML around graph
> elements.  Making these symbols private means that CGit cannot be
> updated to use Git 1.8.0 or newer, so let's not do that.
> Signed-off-by: John Keeping <>
> ---
> I realise that Git isn't a library so making the API useful for outside
> projects isn't a priority, but making these two methods public makes
> life a lot easier for CGit.
> Additionally, it seems that Johan added graph_set_column_colors
> specifically so that CGit should use it - there's no value to having
> that as a method just for its use in graph.c and he was the author of
> CGit commit 268b34a (ui-log: Colorize commit graph, 2010-11-15).

Perhaps you could add a comment in the source to prevent this from
happening again?

Thomas Rast
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